How much money does Monte Cristo have?

How much money does Count of Monte Cristo have?

In the book, the diamond is said to be worth 50,000 francs. In US dollars, that’s $54,945.

How did The Count of Monte Cristo get rich?

Mondego, now known as the Count de Morcerf, is the first to be punished. Dantès exposes Morcerf’s darkest secret: Morcerf made his fortune by betraying his former patron, the Greek vizier Ali Pacha, and he then sold Ali Pacha’s wife and daughter into slavery.

Where did the treasure come from in The Count of Monte Cristo?

The treasure once belonged to the Spada family, the wealthiest family in Italy. In the fifteenth century, Caesar Spada hid the treasure on the uninhabited island of Monte Cristo, hoping to keep it out of the hands of a murderous, thieving pope.

How old was Edmond Dantès when escaped?

Now thirty-three, the age at which Christ rose from the dead, Dantès’ escapes from prison, and he figuratively “rises from the dead” as he cuts through the burial shrouds and emerges naked into a new world as a reborn man.

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Why does the Count of Monte Cristo not eat?

Answer and Explanation: It is suspected by Albert de Morcerf, the son of Mercedes and Fernand Mondego, that the Count of Monte Cristo does not eat in the presence of others due to an Oriental tradition.

Is the Count of Monte Cristo long?

The average reader will spend 25 hours and 3 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute). Thrown in prison for a crime he has not committed, Edmond Dantes is confined to the grim fortress of If.

How does Monte Cristo get revenge on danglars?

Edmond Dantès exacts revenge on Fernand Mondego by destroying his reputation, which in turn leads to his family turning their backs on him. Mondego’s son, Albert, is engaged to be married to Danglars’s daughter. The Count sees this as an ideal opportunity to destroy Mondego.

Is Albert the son of Edmond Dantès?

In Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo, Albert de Morcerf is son to Fernand Mondego—the Count de Morcerf—and Mercédès, who was Edmond Dantès’ former sweetheart.

Why is Mondego jealous of Edmond Dantès?

He is jealous of Edmond Dantes because Mercedes was the one he fell in love with. Who is Fernand Mondego and why is he jealous of Edmond Dantes? Edmond Dantes was arrested because Baron Danglars framed him for treason. … Edmond wants to get revenge on Danglars for framing him for treason when he escapes from prison.

Does Edmond Dantes end up with Mercedes?

A lot of things had to be condensed for the movie, with some characters left out or combined. But the most interesting thing about it is that Dantes ends up with Mercedes in the end. Haydee is left out entirely and Albert turns out to be the son of Dantes, conceived before he was imprisoned.

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